Friday, July 16, 2010

Service Star

This week I won a very awesome award. My employer's Service Star Award. It recognizes individuals whose actions support the company's mission of providing user-friendly services and promote a work environment based on the Company's core values: Service, Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Communication & Profitability. I won for the Utah/Idaho/Montana market area for the month of June for service. I know I always tell people how awesome I am, but this was a very humbling award.
This is what was written about me,

"Tiffany has always been a great resource and help when it comes to just about any question I have. Specifically lately, it has been with understanding High Bandwidth. Mostly understanding what is put on the contract vs. what product do I really need to choose in ICC and why. It doesn't matter how many times I ask her the same question (I feel it’s always the same question) she is always very cheerful and patient with me - I only do about 2 or 3 high bandwidth products a month, but still, she is always explaining why this product instead of that one,' which I really appreciate. I always understand better if I am told 'why' rather than just do it this way'. Last week, when I had some questions in our training about High Bandwidth, I asked some questions that she wasn't quite sure about, so she had a list of things to find answers for me on. She will always say if she doesn't know and will go out of her way to find an answer rather than just giving me an answer to be done with me. I think she represents the company's core values in more than one area with her work ethic and how she treats coworkers as well as customers - Service, integrity, communication and respect. I think she should be recognized for always doing her best and being helpful and understanding as she helps other's understand what is going on. Thanks!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Natasha & The Vacation

It was 107 degrees when we were eating. Natasha didn't want to eat and I am sure she will be thrilled that I posted this picture. We ate outside because all of the older people were inside where the A/C was running full blast.

Natasha shopping is like Tiffany shopping, we are in and then OUT. Neither one of us loves to shop. But we had a smoothie and a credit card, what could be better than that?

I had a great time hanging out with my daughter. She is fun! I am so glad that we got to spend time together.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

St George

I had the opportunity to take my daughter to St. George to see the outdoor plays at Tuachan this past week . My youngest is starting her senior year this coming fall and after that she will be going to college. It was a great trip. I needed some R&R and Troy wasn't able to come with us.

Natasha and I packed up the truck and headed down. The trip didn't take too long, we were there in time to check in and head to Tuachan. It was 104 degrees when we pulled into town. We rushed up to dinner at Tuachan provided by a Buffet place. We weren't very hungry this entire trip, cause it is hard to eat when it is hotter than Hades. Then we settled down to watch Cats. Neither one of us read the program, or else we would have known the story line but we just didn't get it until after the whole play. There was a girl sitting next to us that was about 6 or 7 and she sang badly, off-key the entire time during the whole play. What fun for me... The costumes were cool and the girl that played one of the leads, was the most beautiful singer that I have ever heard. When she got finished singing "Memory" everyone around us just said, "WOW". She is a Grammy award winner & Tony nominated for something or other, but that girl has talent.

The next day we went shopping. I like going with Natasha because she won't let me buy Grandma looking clothes. She doesn't have a problem telling me that the clothes I pick out are ugly. So that was a lot of fun. She picked out some great clothes for me. It was 107 degrees.

The next night we went to Disney's Tarzan. It was amazing. The music was awesome and the flying actors were awesome. It was a great setting for this play to be performed. The stage was perfect for water & storms.

The next day we were smarter and went to a movie in the A/C it was 106 degrees outside. We stayed in the room and read and relaxed. What I like about St. George is the beauty of nature. Natasha took these pictures and really it was hard picking out a few, Utah is a very beautiful place.

The moral of this story is, maybe St. George in July isn't the best place to vacation when it is over 105 degrees.