Sunday, September 19, 2010


One of the constants at our reunion was the weather, the severe rainstorms and lightning and thunderstorms that lit up the area almost every afternoon. Troy was able to get awesome pictures of the clouds and us in our rain gear. It was very cold and even sparked a forest fire by Jenny Lake. We took a couple of shots of the fire when it first started. The mountains were so beautiful and the air was so clean. I was so amazed that the air was so clean and the water you could see through to the bottom.
We did not let the weather affect our activities. We seemed to wait 10-15 minutes for the weather to clear and we were back on the trail. The elevation was so high that it really was cold during the night and for sure during breakfast. But everyone had a smile on their face, (ISH). Everyone knows that I am NOT a morning person. Troy stayed away from me with the camera. Good for him, he made it through the family reunion alive.
I love this picture of Jenny. It is really about the solitude and the beauty of our world.

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