Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Saturday in Tremonton

Last weekend one of Troy's good friends got married. I won her in the merge. She is awesome & has turned into one of my favorite people. She was so beautiful and she looked so happy. We went to Tremonton for this, so ya, it was a big deal.

When I met K*** she was going through a divorce and was pretty unhappy with the way that things had turned out. To look at her last Saturday was to see a whole different girl. When she looked at her husband there was such a soft look of love.

It reminds me of when I married Troy. How much I love him and his tenderness towards me. I would do anything for him. I can't believe we have been married a whole year now. It went so fast. Every day I fall more in love with him. I am going to post his proposal on this blog and pictures of that day. Shortly. It is amazing to me that I have finally found true love after really being on this earth 40 years.

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