Friday, November 5, 2010

One thing I love about Troy is his love for music. I am so lucky that he loves to hear me sing and thinks I do wonderfully. I love that he plays the saxophone- although he has only played once for me. It was awesome!!! It is great that I found a partner in crime that will go to symphonies and the next night to a hard rock concert. We haven’t been to the symphony yet this year, but we will be going soon. Troy’s favorite composer is Mozart and when the Utah Symphony plays him we for sure get tickets.
For my birthday this year Troy bought me tickets to Nickelback, Three Days Grace & Buckcherry. I loved NIckelback and I was so excited to go. He bought general admission tickets thinking that there would be no assigned seating. What he didn’t know is that meant NO SEATING. He felt horrible, we did get to stand the whole entire 4 hour concert but we were so close to all the bands. It was awesome and we weren’t the oldest ones down there either. There were a whole bunch of older women trying to dress like teenagers. They scared me.
The next night we went to Collective Soul, one of Troy’s favorite bands. It was the last night of their 18 month tour. The concert was sold out within 10 minutes after they were released online. Thanks to my coworker that actually got in and purchased them for me. There were about 5 of us trying to get our tickets. CS put on a very good concert. Troy was MUCH happier at the Collective Soul concert. The Nickelback concert wasn’t as good as the Collective Soul. I left the Nickelback concert not much of a fan of their any longer. The Collective Soul concert was pretty good and we had seats…

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