Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Changing Decisions

Troy and I decided at the end of June that he was through working for the company that he had worked for, for over 10 years. There are many reasons that we had come to this decision. We thought about it, prayed about it & argued about it. But, the time had come. I was going on vacation with or without him. If he continued to work for his boss, we never would have been able to go on vacation. His boss had taken all PTO (paid time off) away from his employees. Well.. not really... the boss had taken it away from non-related people that worked for him, so that included one other person besides Troy. There were so many other reasons to quit & I may get into that later- or I may not. (I am going to use this blog as my ranting/raving place for a while.) The time had come for Troy to part ways with this company. It was a great thing. There was a huge pressure that came off our shoulders. No more 12 hour days! Troy came home and we packed to go on our first vacation by ourselves, ever.
Some people may question our sanity to move away from two breadwinners to one.. Sometimes I question our sanity... But for the first time, we were on our way to our vacation away from kids, dogs, & worry. We spent 10 wonderful days at Lake Powell. I had never been to Lake Powell before so this was an awesome new experience for me. This first blog about our venture into unknown territory will only include pictures from our vacation.. It was a wonderful time. The water was warm, & our hosts were the best. Troy's brother lives in Page, AZ. He was our host and he made sure we had a great time. He took us to the most awesome beaches and the best touristy places. He was wonderful! The first day we got there we were immediately taken to a restaurant on the water.. Unfortunately it was closed. So we went to The Dam Bar. Named after the Glen Canyon Dam.. It was some good food and the weather was perfect.
The next day we went camping on a beach on the lake. We met some wonderful people. I loved the neighborly spirit that was there. I also loved their house boat.. see pictures.
The owner of the house boat happened to be a Green Bay Packer fan.. and I happened to be wearing my Green Bay T-shirt. So I liked him immediately. His girlfriend was super nice and they made me feel right at home. Here are the pictures from our first day.

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  1. I am so glad that you are blogging again! I look forward to hearing all your life changes and hopefully trips to get to go on now! Especially the one to Texas!