Monday, June 21, 2010


I love the word carnage. It is fun to say, not so much fun to witness.
Recently I wrecked my Jeep. This is the story:
I was going southbound at Redwood Rd at 7:50 AM. The light turned green and no one was in front of me stopped so I went through the light. I was going under the speed limit, around 30 mph. A white truck turned from the red light at the intersection and black car followed closely behind. The white truck noticed me coming and slowed down to let me pass on the left lane before her lane merged into mine. The black car was in a hurry and didn’t notice me and went around the white truck to do a U Turn to go northbound. (To beat the red light he would have been waiting for). He slammed into my passenger side engine area and the drive train, the steering column and the struts were broken on impact. The impact sent me through the dividing line & through northbound traffic lanes and came to a rest on the northbound shoulder of the road. There are many reasons that I am lucky or blessed. There wasn’t any traffic going northbound at the time of my accident, this is rare. There are many concrete trucks that are always on the northbound lanes due to construction in Davis County.
Troy had not left the house for work and I called him. What is the most awesome about this whole thing was that he rushed over right away. He was there within minutes, comforting me. I was in slight shock and he helped me use English to put my report on to the paper from the police. When I saw him coming from his car, I was at peace like everything was going to be ok. The witness in the white truck had stopped to give a statement and was there when Troy got there. She said to him, “I hope you still keep her after this.” He laughed and said, “Of course”. Side note: When ever Troy is extremely nice or says the right thing, I always say, “I am so going to keep you” or “That’s it, I am keeping you”.
Life changes in moments, seconds and even milliseconds. I am very glad that I have the family and the love of a very kind man. Sadly I do not have pictures of the carnage. I wish I did. Upcoming, will be the first real big purchase as a couple. We are deciding between a BIG redneck truck and another Jeep. Stay tuned for that fun story.

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