Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art City Days

One of my favorite memories of growing up in the small town of Springville is Art City Days. It was the first real weekend of summer vacation. The sun was out and I was free from school for another whole three months. As time went on, I wasn't free, but it was still the beginning of the summer fun season. I have tried to be there every year the first weekend of June.
In the Cook family we have a tradition to go to Art City Days. Our day starts very early at 6:00 am where we go to the Jr. High School to watch the hot air balloons take off. One year I was able to go up in the balloon courtesy of my father, (cross one off the bucket list). It was amazing. The air was clean and there was a slight breeze. We got to "help" fill the balloon up. This is hard work. My little sister Kim and I went up together. The view from the sky was beautiful. Springville is a great little city, lots of trees and well kept yards. Thank you Dad for helping me cross out one more of my things to do before I die.
We usually we go to the Fireman's breakfast at 8:00 for pancakes, eggs, and orange juice. We then drive over to the hardware store to watch the parade that starts at 10:00AM.
I have pictures over the years of us at the parade in front of Utah Service, now Sunroc. I have pictures of my children over the years sitting & watching the parade. The motorcycle police start the parade every year, followed by the American Flag carried by soldiers or scouts. My heart always fills with pride as I watch everyone along the parade route, remove their hats and stand with their hand over their hearts. There is a hush over the crowd as the American Flag passes.
The Springville marching band follows soon after and the parade really begins. The cute thing about my folks is that they know everyone in the parade and shout out things to the people in the floats or cars. I really do mean everyone. They are more vocal with grandkids on their laps, or now with a teenager, my nephew, we all try and get him to waive at the pretty girls. There are high school reunions that are always passing. This year it was 1965, which my brother yelled out to me, "Hey, isn't that the year you graduated?" Payback will be fun next year.
After the parade we usually go to the carnival. We go there specifically for the scones that over the years have become part of the tradition The grandkids ride the rides and I usually shop for miscellaneous stuff that people are selling.
Around 7 or 8 we go over to the Art Park by my old high school and we watch the program. Sometimes the Army band is there. There has been comedians & dancers and singers over the years. At 10:00pm the lights go out and the music starts up. We all "ohhhhh and ahhhhh" over the fireworks. It is a long day, but so much a part of what we do every year.
This year was very rainy. It didn't rain on the parade but it was a downpour after. We waited for a while to go to the carnival. The fireworks almost didn't happen, due to the weather. But they did.. this year was awesome like every year.

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  1. Those are some great shots you got at the parade. I want a copy of my boys! Its going to be fun to follow another blog. :)