Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harley Paint Show

The one personal possession that Troy has always wanted, since he was little, has been a Harley Davidson motorcycle. We have been looking at bikes for a month now. Every time I start to talk about a motorcycle someone tells me a story about some horrific crash that they were either in or have witnessed. Troy's Grandpa Cook was in a motorcycle crash, the helmet saved his life. This gives me hope that Troy will be safe. People also say “It isn’t IF he gets in a crash., it is when.” This freaks me out to no end.
Troy has been so good about helping other people’s dreams come true, and helping other people in general that I thought I would be ok with his dream coming true. I still want him to get the bike that he has always wanted but I want him to get the loudest pipes available. I want people to hear him coming a mile away. Stay tuned for the bike saga….
One of our weekend outings recently was a Harley Davidson custom paint show. The bikes were beautiful. My husband fit right in. (Scary, I know) A few of my co-workers were there, and they ride all the time. (So I would fit in, scarier, I know.) My coworkers are very excited to take us riding with them. My friend Jeannie Hatch took these pictures.

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